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For us, Good To Eat is a place for people to wind down, connect with friends, and enjoy thoughtfully-crafted food to replenish both body and soul. We believe that the energy and care we put into our food will be passed to our guests. We believe that good food and meaningful hospitality bring people closer, bridging different cultures and experiences.

Our service showcases all the values we embrace – care, authenticity, and thoughtfulness which we strive to demonstrate through every moment of the guest’s experience.


Our Team Values

​These core values are what guides us towards reaching our mission as a team:
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Beginner's mindset

In practicing our craft, we value openness, eagerness, and curiosity over mastery. We look at each day as an opportunity to learn something new and improve ourselves.

BOH Positions

Our back of the house members take pride in consistently delivering great flavor, clean execution, and beautiful presentation. Our rotating menu consists of several crowd-favorite staples along with periodic new creations. We focus on traditional Taiwanese techniques and flavors, but also embrace cross-cultural collaboration with local food makers and providers. We strive to create food that not only excites the taste bud, but also tells a story and soothes the soul.

Line Cook

Available shift: Wednesday thru Sunday, 1pm-10pm

Prep Cook​

Available shift: Wednesday thru Sunday, 9am-5pm

Prep Cook - Dumpling Prep

Available shift: Wednesday thru Sunday, 9am-5pm


  • Experienced: Have ideally a year of experience in professional kitchen.

  • Organized: Take pride in maintain a clean and organized station. Welcome the challenge of tackling detailed instruction with precision and efficiency.

  • Dedicated to the craft: Find genuine joy in creating beautiful presentation and flavor.

  • Growth oriented: Thrive in a collaborative environment that values learning, sharing ideas, and a willingness to be coached and learn from others.

  • Team player: Care about creating a supportive work environment to enable each other to do their best.

  • Comfortable communicating in English as it is the primary language spoken in the kitchen.

FOH Positions

Our front of the house members are knowledgeable about the dishes, ingredients, and the story behind them. For the regulars, we remember their names and favorites as we welcome them home each time they step through the door. For the curious foodies, we explain the origin of our dishes and the thoughts behind texture or flavor combinations. We take the delicious creation from BOH and present it to our guests to create a full experience that nourishes both the soul and stomach.

Available shifts: Wednesday thru Sunday, 1pm-10 pm


  • Experienced: Have ideally a year of table-service in restaurant/bistro/cafe experience.

  • Agile: Able to navigate a fast paced work environment with grace. Welcomes changes and calmly accepts unexpected situations.

  • Patient: Keeping the big picture in mind especially during the most trying situation.

  • People Oriented: Enthusiastic about working with people. Aware of how others feel and understand your ability to affect them. 

  • Proactive: Always on the lookout for ways to help the service run smoother. Naturally steps up to fill gaps when needed.

  • Observant: Keenly aware of the surroundings on different levels - whether it's colleagues, guests experience, or business processes. 

  • Comfortable communicating in English as it is the primary language spoken in the kitchen and by patrons.

Our Offering

  • Salary Range: $18.00 - $22.00 hourly + tips

  • Minimum 2 shift/week, full-time available

  • Full time employee (40hrs/week) are eligible for health care after 3 months

  • Shift meal and drinks (including beer!)

  • Work with a small, energetic, and mission-driven team!

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