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We are open Wednesday - Saturday this week!
We are taking to-go orders over the phone at (510) 922-9885. Look forward to serving you soon!

Saturday, January 28th


Taiwanese Golden Kimchi (v) $6.5
napa cabbage, carrot, fu-ru 

Soy Pulp Fermented Radishes (v) $6.5
soy pulp from @joodooboo

Cucumber w/ Ginger Sesame Mayo (v) $7.5

*Fried Pickles w/ Housemade Mayo  $9.5
beer batter, pickled cucumber, pepper, carrot, radish, sweet Taiwanese mayo

Classic Taiwanese Garlic Soy-Cured Clams  $11
Clams from Hog Island Oyster Inc


Tofu, Night Market BBQ (v) $7
vegan sha-cha sauce, yuzu kosho

Bok Choy w/ Ginger Sesame Mayo (v)  $7

Mochi w/ Sweet Soy Sauce (v) $7
crispy outside, chewy inside, DINE-IN ONLY

King Oyster Mushroom (v)  $9.5

Squid, Night Market BBQ $15
vegan sha-cha sauce, yuzu kosho


Crosshatch Kolsh $7.5
bright, clean, fresh. Original Pattern Brewing, 5.0%

It's Just The Vibe Hazy IPA  $8
pineapple & citrus aroma. Original Pattern Brewing, 6.7%

Peekaboo Sour Gose  $8
marionberry, fruity tartness. Original Pattern Brewing, 6.7%

Nezumi Otoko Jungin Sake  $11
medium dry, fruity aroma, balanced. 16%, 180ml

Amabuki Himawari Sake  $11
floral notes, crisp finish, great for pairing. 16%, 180ml

Ozeki One Cup Nigori Sake $7.5
unfiltered, creamy, velvety sweetness. 12%, 180ml

Apple Cidra $3
蘋菓西打, classic Taiwanese cola

Guava Rose, Wildwonder  $5.2
sparkling prebiotic + probiotic

Mango Gold, Wildwonder  $5.2
sparkling prebiotic + probiotic

Root Beer, Maine Root $5


Fu-Ru Fried Chicken $16
chicken thigh, fu-ru

Spicy Sauce Fried Chicken $16
chicken thigh, GTE spicy sauce, garlic

Lu-Rou Fan  $9.5
hand minced pork over rice, fresh sugar cane, housemade shallot oil


Spicy Noodle (v)  $7.5
GTE spicy sauce, fried shallots

Taiwanese Minced-Pork Noodle  $12.5
bean curds, carrots, cucumber

Shrimp & Pork Pocket Dumplings  $9.75

Shiitake Mushroom & Cauliflower Pocket Dumplings (v)  $10.25


Veggies of the Day (v) $9

Steamed Rice  $2

Housemade Chips  $6
fried dumpling wrapper strips, chili & lime

Wok Fried Peanuts  $6
spicy chili

* - new item

(v) = vegan

All menu items are made in small batches to ensure the highest quality. Please check with the counter for the current availability.

Dining Experience

We are thankful for all the support from both our old friends and new neighborhood guests! Currently, we are offering counter service only, and the line can be long sometimes. To avoid the rush, try visit us earlier or later in the evening.


Whether you are dining in or picking up, we prepare everything in small batch and cook to order to provide you with the highest quality meal.


We are still growing our team, and we thank you in advance for your patience as we continue to streamline our process and expand our menu.

We take orders from 5 pm to 8:30 pm. You are welcomed to continue to enjoy either our indoor dining space or our outdoor garden patio area until 9:30 pm!


1298 65th St.

Emeryville, CA 94608

For Phone Order:


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