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Saturday, September 10

Moon Festival Food+Culture BBQ

Moon Festival, or Mid-Autumn Festival is one of the most important holidays in many Asian cultures dating back over 3,000 years. It is celebrated not just in Taiwan, but all parts of China, Japan, Korea, Vietnam, and beyond. Each country has a slightly different custom and festival food, including the new modern trend of backyard BBQ in Taiwan. But one thing is common - it is a day of reunion.

This year, we invite you to come celebrate the Moon Festival with the Good To Eat Dumplings family! In our garden patio, we are recreating the Taiwanese experience of grilling in the park and hanging out with neighbors while viewing the moon. Come chat with your friends over fresh BBQ and cold beer. Then finish the night with a "golden-sand" mooncake baked in house, with a toast to the beautiful full moon over a cup of oolong tea with your friends and family.

Each reservation will come with charcoal roasted oolong tea, fresh mooncake, and 5 tokens which can be redeemed for items on our tap list and at the special Taiwanese BBQ stations. You will find one-time only items like charcoal grilled chicken cutlet, Taiwanese street corn, Taiwanese sausage, and more.

There will be displays for you to learn more about the beautiful stories behind the Moon Festival, both ancient and modern. You will also get to share and hear how others in our local community celebrate their reunion holiday, for it is a universal experience shared by all of us.

*Dietary Restriction
The menu will feature numerous vegetarian options, but unfortunately the mooncake will not be vegan friendly. We also will not be able to accommodate for gluten-free option at this event.


Saturday, September 10th

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