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You are invited to our home in Emeryville

Wednesday - Saturday

5:00PM - 9:30PM

1298 65th St, Emeryville, CA



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Thoughtfully Crafted Food

We are a women, queer, and immigrants owned Taiwanese restaurant on a mission to build an inclusive and caring community through food. We have been dedicating ourselves to pairing fine-dining quality, artisanal food with a personable hospitality.

In our menu, you will see thoughtful use of seasonal ingredients and specialty Taiwanese imports. Through our focus on technique and process, we strive to elevate both humble family stables and banquet dishes for our guests seeking Taiwanese flavors.

After five years of pop-up around the Bay Area, we settled in our new home in Emeryville. Now, we are excited to offer you a daily rotating food and sake pairing menu inspired by the flavors we miss dearly.


A Storytelling Focused Experience

We are a first come, first serve* restaurant with a daily rotating menu. Every day is a surprise and an opportunity for us to delight our guests.


Your order will be taken at the counter. We love to take the time to walk you through our menu of the day. You’ll seat yourself in our dining room or charming outdoor patio.


Your finely plated dishes will arrive one by one. If you want to learn more about our food, we will happily introduce ingredients and social history of every dishes placed on your table. This is what we stand for and wake up every day excited to do. Food's power resides in its humanity, and this is also how your flavor journey with us starts. 

* Reservations are accepted and recommended for parties of 6 or more​.

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Ms. Tung’s cooking is bright, delicate and constantly changing to include dishes like pickled bitter melon and opo squash leaves with sesame paste. “Beef noodle soup, stinky tofu — people know those dishes,” she said. “But in Taiwan, we’re not eating those every single day.”

- Tejal Rao

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