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  • Jessyca

Story Time at Good To Eat: The Treasured Pineapple 🍍

5:15 pm. Two older guests come in. I welcome them in. They tell me they came in after watching Check, please! yesterday. They go on ordering almost everything that was mentioned in the episode. The lady particularly wanted the grilled King Oyster Mushroom. But, Alas, we already had 86'ed it. Bummer, she really wanted it, next time! We take some time debating options, I believe they went with the shrimp stir-fry. Great choice I tell them, it's one of my favorites, and it was featured in the episode too! I give them a number, invite them to sit at a cozy spot, turn around and greet the next guest- oh, one of our regulars!

For sake of privacy, let's call him Sebastian. He comes in by himself, his wife and baby are seated at the patio. Before jumping in right away taking his order, he and I chit-chat a bit about how their lives have been doing, then proceed in ordering some yummy food. As I'm closing up his order he asks, "is it possible for me to buy something for another table?" I blink once, I blink twice, processing his request. Smiling playfully, I ask "You mean you want to send an item to a table?" This is so cool. He says "Yeah. Is that possible?".

Intrigued, I answer "Sure, I can do that. Who is it that you want to send a dish to? Do you know their number?"

He says "Yeah, the two people who were just before me". I blink again.

"Oh, do you know them?" I ask while starting typing on my screen to start a new order.

"Oh no, we just met in line. I recommended the Grilled Pineapple, but I was paying attention and I believe they didn't order it. I would like to offer it to them"


"Oh wow this is so sweet of you! Actually, you know what, this is the first time it ever happened that someone sends a gift to another table! This is so touching."

Sebastian blinks, surprised. "Oh really? I think this kind of thing should happen all the time!" And he smiles at me kindly.


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