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  • Shawn

Hanging out at Good To Eat - Episode 10: Introducing new traditional Taiwanese dishes

We recently made a bold change and decided that Saturdays will be a menu day where we introduce more traditional Taiwanese flavors and dishes to you all! No dumplings on Saturdays, you heard right - but do not worry it is such a great opportunity to five deeper in your love for Taiwanese flavors. We have grilled whole noon fish (午魚), or fourfinger threadfin fish. Fire stir-fried clams with rice wine, Taiwanese black vinegar mussels, flowering chives and century eggs... To pair with that we've also updated our sake collection with more premium sake.

We wanted to share more of the love, and decided to open today for a surprise one-time only, Sunday Seafood Special. We won't open on Sundays on a regular for now, but you can enjoy all of these dishes on Saturdays until... we rotate our menu, because you all know, we love keeping it interesting and be creative in the kitchen.


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