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Hanging out at Good To Eat Ep 12: The Story Behind Sweet & Savory Taiwanese Desserts

In preparation for the summer heat, we have added soft serve to our menu. Depending on the week, we will be offering a vanilla base with a number of rotating toppings, each with a unique Taiwanese flavor:

  • Black sesame oil and sea salt

  • Mango and lemon syrup

  • Fermented strawberry syrup

  • Pineapple jam

  • Chili crunch and sea salt

You will notice that many of the toppings are either on the savory or fruity side. In fact, other desserts on our menu also have a savory element to them, such as our Red Jade Tea Cookies and Roasted Oolong Basque Cheesecake. This is actually a common theme in Taiwanese desserts. To find out more, check out our latest episode of Hanging out at Good To Eat, where Jessyca sits down with Tony and Angie to chat about the story behind savory-sweet desserts in Taiwanese cuisine.


Readers with keen eyes may have realized that they are sitting in the same chair configuration as the panel with Clarissa Wei that was mentioned in the previous blog. This is because this conversation initially took place as a sound test a couple days prior to the event, and it got so good that we have to record and share with you all!


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