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  • Shawn

Catch us in a web documentary

We are excited to announce that food writer and Chinese TV personality Tzu-i Chuang Mullinax (莊祖宜) has featured us in her latest food docuseries. She has been producing a 4 part documentary about Chinese food in America, covering subjects ranging from culinary history to identity.

In the first part of the episode, you will see Leslie Wiser, the owner of Radical Family Farm in Sebastopol. We have sourced a variety of Asian produce from them, and we are also honored to be one of their CSA pickup location. If you have been one of their farm box subscriber, you will certain enjoy seeing the farm and hearing from Leslie.

Then you will see Tzu-i dining at our Ja Ban Bae tasting menu event and get to peek behind the curtains of the kitchen. Tony and Angie also share their thoughts on how food represents one's identity and why sharing Taiwanese cuisine is so important to us.

I think you all will find the entire docuseries informative and thought provoking, whether you are of Taiwanese/Chinese descent or a curious foodie. Simply click on the image below to see the episode!


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