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Image by Clement Souchet

Sunday, July 24
Food & Stories From Taiwanese Military Villages

Historically, the people of Taiwan had always revered oxen and treasured the role they played in agriculture. The act of consuming beef had long been taboo. So how did beef noodle soup become the national dish of Taiwan?

For centuries, Taiwanese farmers produced predominantly sugar and rice crops. Thus when did wheat noodles and dumplings enter into Taiwanese culture and become a staple of their cuisine?

Good To Eat Dumplings, in collaboration with Henry Hsu, the owner of Oramasama Dumplings, invite you to an authentic experience of visiting a traditional beef noodle soup house in Taiwan.

At the event, you will learn about how these iconic Taiwanese dishes came to be. You will hear culinary insights and personal experiences about this tumultuous yet transformative period of Taiwan's history from our special guests.

Most importantly, regardless of your ethnicity and family history, we hope the shared human experience of holding onto one's heritage through food - can bring us all closer in today's social climate.

Image by Mark Ivan


Sunday July 24th

This event has passed

Prix fixe menu features an assortment of Taiwanese luwei, classic handmade shrimp and pork dumplings, and the national dish of Taiwan, beef noodle soup, made with carefully sourced local & organic ingredients.


Following the meal, there will be a panel that discusses the movement of the Chinese diaspora that led to the popularization of these dishes. During the event, there will also be a short community activity that you may partake to anonymously connect with others over your own lived experience with food!

Please note that for this event we cannot substitute or accommodate for dietary restrictions.

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