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Saturday, April 15th

For to-go, call us at 510-922-9885 - a team member will be happy to put the order together with you.


Grilled Whole "Noon Fish" 鹽烤午魚  $40
whole Fourfinger Threadfin from PengHu Island, served with Taiwanese style pepper salt, garlic cilantro dippings (dine-in only)

Manila Clams, TW Seafood Harbor Style $28
sauteed with TTL rice wine, sweet green onions

Spring Chive Flowers with Century Eggs (v) $23
stir-fried with "pine-flower" alkaline-cured eggs

Taiwanese Style Fried Eggplants (v) $20
lightly fried then finished on hot pan, garlic, soy paste glaze

Taiwanese Cabbage Salad (v) $21
braised tofu, Taiwanese black vinegar, topped with fried taro strips


Taiwanese Golden Kimchi (v) $7.5
napa cabbage, fermented tofu, carrot, organic apple cider vinegar

Pickled Cucumber w/ Maqaw Pepper (v)  $7
maqaw pepper (indigenous to Taiwan), koji

Peanuts w/ Coriander Garlic Soy Sauce  $8
fried peanuts, coriander, red chili pepper

Fried Pickles w/ Housemade Mayo  $11.5
cucumber, mushroom, fermented serrano pepper, specialty Taiwanese mayo


Tofu, Night Market BBQ (v) $8
housemade Taiwanese BBQ sauce, served with yuzu kosho

Bok Choy w/ Ginger Sesame Mayo (v)  $7.5
topped with ho
use seasoning from fermented radish greens

Mochi w/ Sweet Soy Sauce (v) $8.5
crispy outside, chewy inside, DINE-IN ONLY

Tale of Two "Yams" (v)  $12
taro, purple yam, served with house sweet soy sauce. tells the culinary story of in-province and out-of-province Taiwanese people

King Oyster Mushroom (v)  $12.5

Squid, Night Market BBQ $15
housemade Taiwanese BBQ sauce


Fu-Ru Fried Chicken $17
chicken thigh, fu-ru

Lu-Rou Fan  $12.5
add Dong Chuang Chili Sauce  $1
hand minced duroc pork over rice, fresh sugar cane, side of pickled cucumber



served chilled in 180ml carafe

Midori Kawa, Junmai
clean, smooth, refreshing acidity, elegant aroma. Niigata, Japan

Kiminoi "Emperor's Well", Yahamai Junmai
full-flavored, umami, elegant & clean finish. Niigata, Japan


Chiyomusubi "Oyaji" Sake
elegant acidity, smooth, balanced. 16%, 180ml

Kuroushi Omachi Sake
rich, full bodied, soft acidity & earthiness.16.5%, 180ml

Ozeki One Cup Nigori Sake
unfiltered, creamy, velvety sweetness. 12%, 180ml


Country Doctor, Pilsner $7.5
refreshing, clean, crisp. Original Pattern Brewing, 5.4%

Renegade Lemonade, Sour Gose  $8
strawberry, light fruity tartness. Original Pattern Brewing, 5.9%

Hella Hallertau Blanc Helles Lager  $7.5
crisp, notes of Sauvignon Blanc. Original Pattern Brewing, 5.4%

Crescent Moon, Hazy IPA  $8
grapefruit, papaya, pine notes. Original Pattern Brewing, 7.0%

Cash Crops, IPA  $8
grapefruit,piney, earthy notes. Original Pattern Brewing, 6.7%


Yamagata Rice Lager $8
crisp, clean, subtle sweet aroma. Original Pattern Brewing, 5.4%

Nelson's Oddyssey Hazy IPA  $8
gooseberry & mango notes. Original Pattern Brewing, 6.8%

Taiwan Gold Medal Rice Lager  $7
crisp, clean, brewed with ponlai rice (Formosa rice), 5%


Apple Cidra $3
蘋菓西打, classic Taiwanese cola

Mango Gold, Wildwonder  $5.2
sparkling prebiotic + probiotic

Ginger Brew, Maine Root $5
fair trade organic cane sugar. ginger, spices

Root Beer, Maine Root $5
fair trade organic cane sugar. wintergreen, clove & anise

Spicy Noodle (v)  $9
GTE spicy sauce, fried shallots

Taiwanese Minced-Pork Noodle  $12.5
bean curds, carrots, cucumber

No dumplings tonight for our special Saturday menu


Veggies of the Day (v) $11
a-choy - classic Taiwanese green with crunchy stem, stir-fried with garlic

Steamed Rice  $2.5

Housemade Chips  $6
fried dumpling wrapper strips, chili & lime

Wok Fried Peanuts  $6
hint of spicy with a citrus kick

(v) = vegan

All menu items are made in small batches to ensure the highest quality. Please check with team members for the current availability.

Dining With Us

At Good To Eat, we have a hybrid model that combines table service with counter order. This enables us to put a domain expert at each phase of your dining experience, while reducing delays in traditional models like getting the check.

When you arrive at the counter, we love to walk you through the menu of the day and help you put your order together. You can then choose your seats, whether it's in the indoor dining space, our garden patio, or at the bar to get a clear view into the open kitchen.

Your thoughtfully and consistently prepared dishes will be presented to you by our knowledgeable staff. We invite you to chat with us on anything ranging from the ingredients to the dishes' social or personal history.

Kitchen opens from 5 pm to 9:30 pm. Large party reservations of 8 guests and more may be accommodated if capacity permits.


1298 65th St.

Emeryville, CA 94608

For Phone Order:


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