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Grilled Whole "Noon Fish" 鹽烤午魚  40
whole Fourfinger Threadfin from PengHu Island, served with Taiwanese style pepper salt, garlic cilantro dippings (dine-in only)

Manila Clams, TW Seafood Harbor Style  28
sauteed with TTL rice wine, sweet green onions

Spring Chive Flowers with Century Eggs (v)  23
stir-fried with "pine-flower" alkaline-cured eggs

Taiwanese Soy-glazed Eggplants (v)  22
lightly fried then finished on hot pan, garlic, soy paste glaze

Taiwanese Cabbage Salad (v) $21
braised tofu, Taiwanese black vinegar, topped with fried taro strips

Pepper Garlic Shrimp  $26
U10 head-on shrimp, sautéed with rice wine. a beer house classic dish.

Traditional Stewed Napa Cabbage 白菜滷  20
savory broth from dried shiitake mushroom, dried yuba, dried shrimp

GTE Three Cup Tofu (v)  22
fried tofu, Taiwanese 3-cup flavor w/ house BBQ sauce, shredded cucumber

Fried Tofu Block with Táishì Pàocài (v)  22
organic tofu, garlic soy sauce. classic Taiwanese night market dish

Red-Braised Pork Belly with Daikon Radish  31
duroc pork, maqaw peppercorn, served with rice. a timeless classic.

Stir-Fried Swordfish Fillet  32
long-line caught in California, tender and savory

Shrimp Stir-fried with Tofu Sauce 豆醬蝦仁  32
lightly glazed with tofu-based sauce & leek. an old school Taiwanese dish

Taiwanese Braised Loofah with Clams  24
with dried shrimp and ginger

Mussels, Taipei Bali Ferry Dock Style  26
PEI mussels, Taiwanese black vinegar, TTL rice wine, koji

Grilled Whole Squid "Yi-Ye-Gan"  22
housemade Taiwanese BBQ sauce, radish served with camellia oil sauce. please allow 20-30 minute cooking time.

Stir-Fried Jimmy Nardello Pepper w/ Tofu (v) (seasonal) 22
sweet and slight fruitiness from Jimmy Nardello pepper

"Pepper Numbing" Chicken Cutlet  椒麻雞  21
Taiwanese sweet "pepper numbing" sauce, served with cabbage slaw

Spooky Halloween Noodles (v)  14
handmade black noodles with activated charcoal, chili vinegar, chili crunch

Heiwa Shuzo Umeshu "Kanjuku"
plum sake with a delightful fruity sweetness and a hint of tartness.
served on the rocks, 
4oz pour. Wakayama, Japan.10%

Ohmine "3 Grain" Summer Edition
white peach aroma, muscat-like sweetness. Yamaguchi, Japan14%

Taiheizan, Kimoto Junmai
earthy notes, full bodied w/ rich umami. Akita, Japan15%

Midori Kawa "Green River", Junmai
umami, rice-forward, notes of melon & ginger. Niigata, Japan15%

"The Connoisseur", Omachi Junmai Daiginjo
semi-dry, round & refined, yet remarkably light. Miyagi, Japan.16%

Akabu, Junmai Ginjo
apple & plum notes. nuanced umami. Iwate, Japan.15.5%

Kakurei, Daiginjo
floral & melon notes, full bodied, clean finish. Niigata, Japan. 15%

Kitaya Kansansui, Junmai Daiginjo
exceptionally delicate aroma & fruity notes. Kyushu, Japan. 15.5%

Kiminoi "Emperor's Well", Yahamai Junmai
full-bodied, umami, elegant & earthy tone. Niigata, Japan.15.5%

Kirinzan, Junmai Gingo
creamy body, dry and light finish. Niigata, Japan.15.5%

Chichibu Nishiki, Junmai Ginjo
semi-dry, rich & crisp, delightful long finish. Saitama, Japan15.5%

Heiwa KID, Junmai Ginjo Shiboritate
"first squeeze", bright umami, fresh & crisp Wakayama, Japan15%

Sanzen, Tokubetsu Junmai Omachi
smooth, textured body, crisp finish. Okayama, Japan16%

"Moon Mountain's Dew", Hakuro Suishu,
Muroka Junmai Ginjo Nama Genshu
cherry & pear notes, full bodied yet delicate.Yamagata, Japan18%

Kamonishiki Nifudazake "Tank 132", Junmai Daiginjo Nama
lightly spritzy, pear & melon notes, crisp finish. Niigata, Japan15%

Heiwa "Tsuru-ume" Ichigo, Plum Sake
plum sake with fresh strawberry juice. limited seasonal release.
served on the rocks, 4oz pour. Wakayama, Japan.10%

Hakurakusei "The Connoisseur", Junmai Ginjo
smooth, light & round. citrus and pomelo notes. Miyagi, Japan.16%

Zaku "The Craft" Nakadori, Junmai Daiginjo
from prime middle press. rich with delicate sweetness. Mie, Japan.16%

Heiwa "Tsuru-ume" Ichigo, Plum Sake
plum sake with fresh strawberry. limited seasonal release.
served on the rocks, 4oz pour. Wakayama, Japan.10%

Tenbi "Beauty of the Sky", Junmai Ginjo
white grape notes, dry. women-led brewery Yamaguchi, Japan15%

Tenbi "Beauty of the Sky", Tokubetsu Junmai
effervescent, clean & bright. Yamaguchi, Japan15%


Uncommon Matter, IPA   8
berries, citrus, pine aroma. Original Pattern Brewing. 6.9% ABV

Lost In Translation, West Coast IPA   8
tropical citrus, NZ hops. Original Pattern Brewing. 6.9% ABV

Currant Capitulation, Sour   8
brewed with black currant. Original Pattern Brewing. 6% ABV

Neither Here Nor Pear, Sour Gose   8
prickly pear & lemon. Original Pattern Brewing. 6.2% ABV

Faction Pils   8
refreshing German style pilsner. Faction Brewing. 4.8% ABV

Faction Rice Lager  8
crisp & refreshing. Faction Brewing. 4.7% ABV

Country Doctor, Pilsner $7.5
refreshing, clean, crisp. Original Pattern Brewing, 5.4%

Renegade Lemonade, Sour Gose  $8
strawberry, light fruity tartness. Original Pattern Brewing, 5.9%

Hella Hallertau Blanc Helles Lager  $7.5
crisp, notes of Sauvignon Blanc. Original Pattern Brewing, 5.4%

Crescent Moon, Hazy IPA  $8
grapefruit, papaya, pine notes. Original Pattern Brewing, 7.0%

Hella Grüngeist, Helles Lager  8.5
clean, crisp, passionfruit & light bready notes5.4% ABV

Hella Hüll, Helles Lager
melon notes, crisp and clean with a dry finish. 5.4% ABV

Oktoberfest, Festbier  7.5
clean, biscuit & honey aroma, Faction Brewing. 6% ABV

Mr. Marbles, Hazy IPA  8
stone fruit & pine notes. Original Pattern Brewing. 6.8% ABV

Cash Crops, IPA  $8
grapefruit,piney, earthy notes. Original Pattern Brewing, 6.7%

Buglet, Sour Gose   8
refreshingly tart. passionfruit, blackberry. 5.8% ABV

Para Todos, Mexican Lager   7.5
brewed with corn flakes, crisp & easy-drinking5.2% ABV

Yamagata, Rice Lager   8.5
crisp, clean, yet layered. an OPB signature brew5.4% ABV

Hella Grüngeist, Helles Lager  8
clean, crisp, passionfruit & light bready notes5.4% ABV

Down the Rabbit Hole, IPA   8
pine and grapefruit aroma. 7.0% ABV

Mumbo Jumbo, Hazy IPA   8
juicy, tropical fruit aroma. 6.7% ABV

Nelson's Oddyssey Hazy IPA  $8
gooseberry & mango notes. Original Pattern Brewing, 6.8%

Taiwan Gold Medal Rice Lager  $7
crisp, clean, brewed with ponlai rice (Formosa rice), 5%

Heritage Five Spice, Saison   8
robust, earthy. Matchpoint Brewing. 7.0% ABV

Uncommon Matter, IPA   8
berries, citrus, pine aroma. Original Pattern Brewing. 6.9% ABV

Over Yonder, IPA   8
citra, NZ waimea hops. Original Pattern Brewing. 6.7% ABV

Grisette, Belgium Farmhouse Ale   8
refreshing, notes of spices & citrus. Faction Brewing. 5.2% ABV

Punker Up, Tart Berliner Weiss
guava infused, refreshingly tart. Faction Brewing. 4.8% ABV

Kitten Commotion, Hazy IPA  8
tangelo and piney notes. Original Pattern Brewing. 6.9% ABV


Apple Cidra $3
蘋菓西打, classic Taiwanese cola

Mango Gold, Wildwonder  $5.2
sparkling prebiotic + probiotic

Ginger Brew, Maine Root $5
fair trade organic cane sugar. ginger, spices

Root Beer, Maine Root $5
fair trade organic cane sugar. wintergreen, clove & anise

Kuroushi Omachi, Junmai Ginjo
full-bodied, layered and balanced. 15%, 180ml

Heiwa Shuzo "KID" Junmai
soft mouthfeel, balanced acidity, gentle umami. 15%, 180ml

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