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About Us

Good To Eat is a women, queer, and immigrants owned and operated restaurant set out to define Taiwanese cuisine in America in our own terms. Inspired by the traditional Taiwanese roadside banquet, we believe in the importance of delivering craft, thoughtful food with the intention of connecting each other in the community.

We have been dedicated to presenting intentional and exquisite craft food while being accessible and down to earth. We source sustainable ingredients from local producers and farmers' markets whenever possible. Our team cultivates relationship with leading Japanese sake breweries and collaborates with Taiwanese tea estates to bring carefully curated beverages to our dining room. Combined with our focus to share stories and history behind each dish, we look to provide an entire dining experience that both excites the taste buds and nourish the soul.

We are offering contemporary family-style and multi-course tasting menu along with food and culture community events. Through these unique formats, we want to give people the opportunity to connect with not just the Taiwanese culture, but also with each other in the community.

So bring your friends, come join us for a meal and drinks at our home, and share a moment together!

(510) 922-9885
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1298 65th Street, Emeryville, CA 94608

For gift cards, you can purchase them online here:

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